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LOVE has many courses available, within varying sectors and with new courses added weekly there will always be something new to learn.
We offer Certificate courses, Retainer courses and Learning Paths. View our course categories below to find your preferred learning path.

Available courses

Building the Ambition

This course look at the guidance to support practitioners who are delivering ELCC in different settings and areas of Scotland to build confidence and capability, make links between practice, theory and policy, support improvement and quality and achieve the highest quality ELCC possible.
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How to create a Social Media Strategy

This course will help you create your own social media strategy for managing your business social media. Read through the basic overviews, complete each of the worksheets, and put them together to create your own working business social media strategy. Having a strategy allows you to put less effor…
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Relaxation can help you look after yourself when you’re feeling stressed or worried. It is important that you make time to focus on the calm. Have a look at these tips and discover how you can incorporate relaxation into your daily life. Don’t worry if some ideas don’t work for you – just m…
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Introduction to the Social Care sector - Communication

Good communication develops your knowledge and understanding about individuals and the part played by other workers so that the best care and support possible can be provided. It helps build working relationships where each person’s views are valued and taken into account.
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Mental Health Awareness

This course is suitable for anyone who has or supports someone with a mental health condition.  In this course you will discover all the types of mental health and how it can inhabit a persons ability to do tasks or achieve outcomes.
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Resilience, ACES and Trauma

This course looks at a number of factors from what are ACES to what affects trauma can have on individuals.  Taking this course will help you to consider the ways in which you can build resilience and support individuals.  As a bonus, when you have completed the course you are able to see…
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First Aid

First Aid infill for learners who are completing blended learning
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